Workforce Development

One of the most pressing concerns for residents in Ward 8 is the lack of job creation and unemployment. Councilmember White is working to increase employment opportunities for our residents, young mid-career and seasoned. The truth is that Ward 8 has the highest unemployment per capita in the nation. As part of his commitment to public service, he am determined to end the scourge of unemployment that disproportionately affects Ward 8 residents. Too often, the people of Ward 8 are shut out from D.C.'s vibrant job market. It's time to end the injustice. This council period, Councilmember has introduced and co-introduced the following legislation:

  • East End Commercial Real Property Tax Rate Reduction Amendment Act of 2017 - This bill would lower the Class 2 real property tax rate for commercial properties located East of the Anacostia River to equal the residential Class 1 rate of 85 cents per $100 of assessed value, for a period of ten years.  The bill then gradually increases the Class 2 rate by 4 cents per year until it is equal to general Class 2 rate.  As a result, the bill would provide an immediate surge of new economic development and job creation for neighborhoods on the East End of the District of Columbia.
  • Commission on Poverty in the District of Columbia Establishment Act of 2017  - this bill establishes a commission to study and reduce poverty in the District. The bill specifies the membership, term duration, vacancy, and meeting requirements of the commission.
  • First Source Taxpayer Protection Act of 2017 - this bill mandates that all subsidy contracts (contracts where the District provides a subsidy in exchange for the entity meeting affordability or hiring requirements) include provisions mandating repayment plus interest of the subsidy if affordability or hiring goals are not met.
  • Jobs for District of Columbia Public School and Public Charter School Graduates Amendment Act of 2017 - this bill requires all District subordinate agencies, independent agencies, and instrumentalities to provide an employment preference to District of Columbia Public School and Public Charter School Graduates. This preference shall be in addition to the residency preference that is already in place. Applicants may decline the preference.