Housing for All

Councilmember White often refers to himself himself as a "Ward8-atonian" not just because he is a native of Ward 8 but also because he plans to remain there for the rest of his life. Councilmember White wants to create an environment where his neighbors aren't displaced but instead, allowed to raise families and benefit from development in an area of the city many of us have long called home. This council period, Councilmember White introduced the following legislation:

  • Displacement Prevention Amendment Act of 2017 - This bill would increase the maximum amount of the District’s Homeowner and Renter Property Schedule H Tax Credit that may be claimed by residents living in a designated displacement risk zone
  • Displacement Prevention Assistance Fund Establishment Amendment Act of 2017 - This bill would increase the capacity of law school clinics to provide assistance to tenants and homeowners in designated displacement risk zones.
  • Senior Citizen Tax Relief Amendment Act of 2017  - This bill would exempt lower income seniors from real-property taxes if they are at least 70 years old and have owned a residence in the District for 20 consecutive years or longer; allows for a transfer of the tax cap benefit, if a senior downsizes; eliminate the tax on pensions and restore the deduction for long-term care insurance.  This crucial tax relief will allow seniors to continue to live independently in their own homes and remain in the District.
  • Barnaby Road Parcel Disposition Extension Act of 2017 - This bill would amend An Act Authorizing the sale of certain real estate in the District of Columbia no longer required for public purposes to extend the time in which the Mayor may dispose of certain District-owned real property located in the 4200 block of Barnaby Road, S.E., between Bonini Road, S.E., and Chesapeake Street, S.E., and known for tax and assessment purposes as Parcel 238/40.
  • Housing Production Trust Fund Guarantee Funding Amendment Act of 2015 - This bill requires the that housing production trust fund be supported by $120 million of the real property tax and the deed recordation tax, combined, or 25% of the real property transfer tax and 25% of the deed recordation tax, whichever is greater.
  • Preservation of Affordable Rent Control Housing Amendment Act of 2017 - this bill prohibits the formation of certain agreements between a tenant or a tenant association and a housing provider. Agreements may not be made that would result in subjecting other current or future tenants to a rent adjustment, rent surcharge, or change in related services and facilities unless those changes would also apply to the tenant or members of the tenant association entering the agreement.
  • Property Disposition Reform Amendment Act of 2017 - This bill requires the Mayor to issue a memorandum detailing the plan for the development or disposition of abandoned or deteriorated property. The memorandum must include statements describing any potential displacement and relocation of tenants.
  • Displacement Prevention Amendment Act of 2017 - this bill increases the maximum amount of the District's Homeowner and Renter Property Schedule H Tax Credit that may be claimed by residents living within census tracts 73.04, 74.04, 98.04, or 104 for all taxable years beginning after December 31, 2018.
  • Affordable Cooperative Task Force Act of 2017 - This bill establishes the Affordable Cooperative Task Force to provide policy recommendations on improving existing limited equity cooperatives (a type of shared home ownership in which individuals purchase a share in a cooperative at an affordable cost); ensure the appropriate training and provision of technical assistance and management support to cooperatives; and issue recommendations on how the District can assist in the formation of new affordable cooperatives.