Housing for All

Councilmember White often refers to himself himself as a "Ward8-atonian" not just because he is a native of Ward 8 but also because he plans to remain there for the rest of his life. Councilmember White wants to create an environment where his neighbors aren't displaced but instead, allowed to raise families and benefit from development in an area of the city many of us have long called home. This council period, Councilmember White introduced the following legislation:

Eviction Prevention Act of 2017 - this bill would require any housing provider to transmit a copy of any notice to vacate to the Office of the Tenant Advocate within two days after the notice is served on the tenant. After receiving the notice from the housing provider, the Office of the Tenant Advocate must send the following items to the tenant within four days of receipt: (1) notice of basic housing rights and resources; (2) a list of tenants' rights organizations with their contact information; (3) a list of organizations that provide rental payment assistance; (4) a list of organizations that provide legal advice for tenants facing eviction.

Office of Housing Stability Act of 2017 - this bill requires the Mayor to establish a new entity in the District government, the Office of Housing Stability (OHS), to prevent housing displacement of District residents. The Mayor will appoint an Executive Director to serve a three-year term and supervise a minimum of four full time employees. The Executive Director will report to the Deputy Mayor for planning and economic development. The bill also lists the duties of the OHS.